Bridges gap

between efficacy and affordability of high quality medicines


Who We Are?

SANNOVEX Pharmaceuticals’ field force started in 2010 with the arrival of Sannovex branded products from global manufacturers in China, India and later in Europe in 2011. It started with ten (10) medical representatives, increased to twenty five (25) in 2011, forty (40) in 2012, and eighty (80) in the fourth quarter of 2013 under two divisions, Line 1 and Line 2.



From July 2006 to July 2007, Sannovex Pharmaceuticals validated the efficacy, quality and affordability of generic products approved by the Philippines’ Bureau of Food and Drugs coming from Asian and some European countries, by way of marketing and distributing these products, and providing doctors and hospitals free medicines for their clinical impression trials. The result was a very convincing affirmation that generic drugs from highly reputable sources, are as effective as the originator drugs, and can help patients save from 25 to 80% compared to the cost of the originator brands.

Top 50 Companies

Due to the increasing demand of technology covering most launches all over the world, Sannovex Pharmaceuticals intend to present the world its newly reconstructed website featuring all its products with real time update status

Sannovex Website Reconstruction