Bridges gap between efficacy and affordability of high quality medicines


(Sannovex Pharmaceutical Distributor) was organized in July 2006 with the objective of providing doctors, patients, and hospital administrators, an alternative or good option in the choice of high quality, effective and affordable medicines to complement the delivery of excellent healthcare services to the Filipino patients confined to the different hospitals nationwide. Study from various sectors showed that for the past decade, the cost of the medicine here in the Philippines vis-à-vis same brand in other Asian countries is substantially higher by 100% to 300% due to high cost of marketing expenses, transfer pricing, and distribution.

From July 2006 to July 2007, Sannovex Pharmaceuticals validated the efficacy, quality and affordability of generic products approved by the Philippines’ Bureau of Food and Drugs coming from Asian and some European countries, by way of marketing and distributing these products, and providing doctors and hospitals free medicines for their clinical impression trials. The result was a very convincing affirmation that generic drugs from highly reputable sources, are as effective as the originator drugs, and can help patients save from 25 to 80% compared to the cost of the originator brands.

Since then, Sannovex Pharmaceuticals up to the present, has continuously conducted global product sourcing from Asian and European countries that includes actual plant visits, audit of certifications of GMP and other standard international requirement for drug manufacturers. At present, Sannovex has six supply/manufacturing contracts with six different major global drug manufacturers involving fifty molecules (fifty new brands), all in injection forms under Sannovex’s brand. Oral preparations will follow after near completion of the injection forms portfolio.

As of August 2008, Sannovex has nine (9) products under its company brand, twenty two (22) others are filed with the Bureau of Food and Drugs awaiting approval, and seventy other brands, which include oral preparations and I.V. Fluids (large volume parenteral injections) for filing.

Sannovex Pharmaceuticals is managed by former senior and junior managers of the world’s top 5 pharmaceutical companies, innovating strategic marketing and distribution, to achieve highly efficient and cost effective operation to insure that prices of Sannovex branded products are affordable, without sacrificing quality.